Mulberry Tree School – New Class 1 for 2016

Our school day runs from 8.50am to 12.55pm with additional afternoon care up to four days a week. We start our main lesson with greetings, register and an opening verse. Then a variety of speech and movement based activities; singing, choral speaking, poetry; rhymes with movements, clapping and counting and bean bag exercises are learnt and practised.

Classroom Learning of letters and of writing and reading is taught from the imagery of fairy stories and folk tales which capture the children’s imagination and provide a rich base from which to work. Numbers and arithmetic are also taught in this way. With a small class the children make progress quickly, they are able to work at their own pace and gain confidence in their achievements.
After two hours of challenging work, a shared snack and a walk through fields nearby is a welcome time to relax and socialise as well as an opportunity to experience nature and the changing seasons.

Steiner Curriculum

Click here to view the overall Steiner curriculum (link to Steiner Waldorf website).

New Class 1 Brochure

Click here to download our  revised Class 1 brochure
(its a large pdf file so please be patient).